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AJE is a young enterprise born from a group of passionate people.  Together our main objective is to share with the world the personality of our city Cordoba and the natural beauty of the surrounding area.


The province of Cordoba is situated at the geographical heart of Argentina.  The area is bursting with outdoor adventures in the bordering Sierras.   The natural landscapes help demonstrate a small part of the amazing beauty and diversity that exists in the country of Argentina.  The city itself boasts cultural and culinary richness that generates an indelible memory in every person that visits.  In addition the city houses seven universities yielding a young and very much alive feeling any time of the day or night! 

We offer you a wide variety of options, depending on the length of your stay.  With only a couple of days, we can introduce you to the city of Cordoba.  Our expert knowledge will make you feel like a local with guidance on a range of subjects from our culture to culinary arts to even shopping.



With more time we can take you beyond the city and out to the beautiful mountain ranges that make up the province of Cordoba.   Within 50km of the city, there are places for every taste.   Information and guidance is also offered for some of the local festivals: Folklore Festivals, FIA World Rally Championship and more (ask for the event calendar in advance). 





We are open to your suggestions, our main goal is you to enjoy Cordoba and therefore Argentina.


Thank you very much in advance for visiting our website and for taking us into account as an option when travelling to our country.
We will be very glad of receive you here!





Paseo del Buen Pastor - Cordoba


Cordoba City


Alta Gracia Jesuitic Estancia

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